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Life in Oxford 2013

Located in Oxford

The original vision of the Oxford University College on which many of the surrounding Colleges depend was connected with the church. Much of this witness remains through the existence of chapels in each College and the University motto: Dominus illuminatio mea- 'The Lord is my light'. Members of the University understood this to mean that it was God who graciously provides the light of knowledge to all people. This belief is shared at All Nations Tutorial College.

A missionary foundation

All Nations Tutorial College was founded by Nick Bensted. Aged 38, Nick studied alongside Anglican ordinands for a senior status degree in Theology from Oxford University, with the purpose of developing his specific call as a missionary. He also holds a second degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Leicester and a 2 year diploma in Christian discipleship and ministry from Kingdom Faith Bible College.

Theology tutorial courses for pastors is a primary interest of the College. There are exciting developments here, particularly in relation to China, Africa and India. There is also great scope for these courses for Christians working out their call in the workplace. 

Nick has consistently worked among young people in the last ten to twelve years or so, and continues to tutor a number of the academic subjects at A2, AS and GCSE level that are offered at the College. He has a particular love for teaching young people about the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the RS syllabus and for the general influence of Christianity in society, a topic covered in Sociology.

Nick is married to Josie, 37 and they have a small baby- Isabel. Josie and Nick have hosted international students at their home in Oxford since 2004. Having previously worked together as missionaries in Thailand among the Karen people they enjoy and have much experience of other languages and cultures. Nick is also an experienced English as a second language teacher and has a working knowledge of seven different languages.

The tutorial - a proven method

All Nations Tutorial College's focus both on Theology and the tutorial is not unrelated to beliefs concerning the blessings of the historic and original founding structures of Universities and Colleges in the UK, especially Oxford  The tutorial method here has an interesting and illustrious history. It was first recognized by tutors in Oxford at a Parisien arts college in the University of Paris more than 700 years ago. It was used by the resident head of the Arts College to supplement the teaching of the schools there. Early tutors in Oxford were the first to develop the method. Tutors were invariably from the church and understood their role as pastors or shepherds of the student, in combination with their academic responsibilities.

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