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3-year diploma in English Language Ministry and Theology

The ANTC English language Ministry and Theology course is designed for those desiring either to begin Christian ministry in an English speaking environment, or to increase the influence of that ministry through the use of English. The English language cannot be meaningfully separated from the original societal and cultural influence of England and the UK, and yet this focus is too narrow to broaden the influence of ministry. 

Since language is so integral to ministry it would be unwise to assume that learning another language, and teaching in that language does not influence that ministry. The inclusion of Theology is designed to encourage the development of language under God and Scripture. More than improving one’s English this course is designed to create awareness of how God works in the experience and thought of a person, as they develop language about him.


-English language test
-Application form
-Introduction to the study of English: methods and study tools

Purpose: The preparation of pastors and ministers to preach and minister in English to greater effect.

Length of course: The course can be taken intensively in 1 or 2 years, or in the normal length of 3 years.

Method: Tutorials, in which English will be written, spoken, heard and read. A thorough absorption of the Word of God in English is intended. English language assistance will be given with this goal in mind. The English language teaching will include grammar, reading comprehension, and other listening, reading and writing exercises. Pronunciation will also be given attention. There will be a focus on reading and writing in English to immerse oneself, and prepare the heart for pastoral
ministry. Each term pastors will be asked to complete essays connected with the teaching content.

The final outcome intended is to make Jesus known with greater meaning and accuracy, and to minister in the grace and authority of Jesus using English.

Content: There is flexibility, and areas of interest can be concentrated on according to the requirements of individual pastors. Pastors may wish to prepare for an English examination such as IELTS, alongside the ministerial English. This can be arranged, according to request, and the course adjusted to this requirement. Below is an idea of the kind of content that would normally be included in the first year of a 3-year diploma in English language and ministry. Remember each tutorial listed will receive specialist English language tuition to bring out the 
clear meaning of the target language, and to enable accurate comprehension and expression.

Biblical Theology of Language
  1. Creation through God’s language
  2. The laws of God’s word
  3. The prophetic word: the pre-exilic prophets
  4. Philosophy of language: the wisdom of the word
  5. Finding the word in exile: the post-exilic prophets
  6. Jesus the Word of God
  7. Jesus the prophet of God: Jesus’ words
  8. Jesus the Son of God: speaking the language of the Father
  9. Pentecost: the language of the Holy Spirit
  10. The speaking gifts of the Holy Spirit

History of the word spoken in English

  1. The historical development of English
  2. England and the Reformation
  3. The King James Bible
  4. English literature inspired by the Bible
  5. Pentecostal movement in the UK: inspired utterance
  6. English pastors and preachers: Baxter, Spurgeon, Wesley, Wigglesworth 
  7. etc