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3 year diploma in Applied Theology

  • English language test (if required)
  • Application form
  • Interview
  • Introduction to the study of Theology: methods and study tools

Purpose: The preparation of pastors and ministers for renewal, revival and mission

Method: The method of study will be via tutorials, essays, seminars and revival study weeks.


Year 1 Biblical studies
  • Term 1 Jesus and the gospels
  • Term 2 Old Testament 
  • Term 3 New testament  
Year 2 Introduction to theology and mission
  • Term 1 Biblical Theology
  • Term 2 Introduction to the Trinity and salvation history
  • Term 3 The attributes of God
Year 3 Development of theology and mission
  • Term 1 Systematic theology
  • Term 2 The government of the church or the ethics of the church
  • Term 3 The mission of the church